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Cool Roofing Solutions and Materials

There are many kind of solutions for a cool roof. Lime Coat on the terrace, White Paint, Insulation Systems and Tiles (White Cement based tiles and Ceramic based tiles) etc.

Whatever be the material choice, the selected material shall have the quality for a sustainable roof. Sustainable (roof or any material) is a green building terminology means "a maintenance free, eco friendly and long lasting (roof or any material) ".

Cool Roof material has to fulfill two main functions: Water Proof and Heat Proof. Other parameters are weight, anti skid property, scratch proof, SRI value, and Color choice and stain free etc. The questions are: these functions and parameters are, how effective and how long sustainable?

For example, SRI value (Solar Reflectance Index) for a cool roof material is 90 or 95. After fixing on the terrace, how many years the 90 or 95 will be retained. This is inter-related with other properties like scratch ability and stain free ability etc.

SOLUTION: A properly designed and well mfd. ceramic tiles can offer the best choice for a Sustainable Cool Roof when they are fixed and maintained properly on a terrace. No other material / choice can compete with ceramic tiles.

Can Ceramic Tiles be Used on Terrace (Cool Roof)?

Ceramic tiles can be used in many different applications, including floors, countertops and walls. They are not often seen outdoors, however, and most designers prefer to limit ceramic tile use to kitchens or bathrooms. This is partly due to their size, but also to their durability, which can be compromised by outdoor weather.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are simply clay that has been purified and compressed in tile-shaped moulds and then fired until they harden permanently. Although the tiles are designed to all be the same size, the firing produces slight variations between each tile that calls for attention to detail and careful planning when installing ceramic tile outdoors. Most ceramic tiles are glazed with a protective or decorative covering. For terrace, protective coatings preferred.


Frost is the most common cause of ceramic tile damage outside. Water is absorbed into the tile, where it freezes as the temperature drops in winter and cracks the tile. Ceramic tile less than the common 3 percent absorption is more resistant to cold conditions, but tile rated with 0.5 percent absorption is most often used to protect from frost. Some glazes can also seal tile so water cannot get inside. As a master degree holder, I choose right glaze.


Ceramic tiles are much more resistant to heat than cold. The temperatures that the clay was fired at reached far above any natural climate conditions, so they are well prepared to deal with even the hottest desert conditions. Dark color absorbs more heat and hence white color is preferred. The tile will breathe slightly in the heat, so tile set in the wrong mortar or too close together may warp or crack.

Hence, abc Weather Proof SRI Tiles is mfd. with special white glaze with white protective coating. abc tile fixing is assured and powered by abc Plus Powder, abc Grout, abc Nano Acryl, abc Nano Liquid and abc Spacers etc.

Consider abc tiles for a sustainable roof top / terrace. Call our Engineers for a free demo (for >2000 sq ft).

abc Weather Proof SRI Tiles Fixing Guidelines

  • Soak abc tiles in blue colour water for 15 to 20 minutes. Remove defective tiles, if any.
  • Level the roof top with light weight aggregates or suitable material.
  • Sand-Cement mortar @ 15 : 1ratio. By using this morter, make water slope @ 1" for 10 ft.
  • Fix abc tiles by using cement slurry. Prepare slurry by using 3 part cement (UltraTech) and 1 part abc plus powder.
  • Use 3 mm spacer to maintain uniform gap between each tile.
  • After fixing the tiles, allow for two days curing with water and ensure that ecah tile is fixed firmly.
  • Apply abc Grout in three mm gap (in wet condition). Skirting in all sides shall be 6 inch and apply grout.
  • Mix abc Grout with nano acryl solution (50:50) instead of water.
  • Sealing. To ensure water proofing, seal the grout to prevent staining and water penetration. Wait until the grout is cured (usually three days) before sealing. Sealing has to be done by using abc Nano Liquid.
  • Your roof is safe for water proof, heat proof and also stain free. Hence the labelled SRI value of the tile can be retained forever.

Note: Good workmanship is no substitute for any written procedure. Even a well-designed layout or premium quality tiles can be ruined by poor cutting, resulting in chipped tiles, crooked grout lines, and agrouting haze left on the tile.

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Our Products

Abc Weather Proof S.R.I(Cool) Coat

These tiles are suitable for roof top / terrace due to ability to reflect solar heat. Solar Reflectance Index is 95.

Abc Weather Proof S.R.I Tiles

These tiles are suitable for roof top / terrace due to ability to reflect solar heat. Solar Reflectance Index is 95.

Hollow Tile + abc Cool Coat

These tiles are suitable for roof top / terrace due to ability to reflect solar heat. Solar Reflectance Index is 95.

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