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New changes developed for the future- European Ceramics Association

A new set of rules for paving a better approach for the Ceramic Industry is begin initialized by the European Ceramics Association.implementing safe methods for manufacturing and waste disposal is the long term commitment for a better future.

Orient Bell tiles launched its new designs in ceramic tiles
Bringing in a whole new crate of designs the Orient Bell has released a couple of products like vitrified tiles, double charged and decorative tiles for all the sections of the house. The tiles are making it big in metro cities with a large number of high rises. The new tiles are widely accepted with their vivid designs.
Recycled flooring now available for both inside and outside.
Bharat floors have introduced a new type of flooring made from recycled glass and marbles. This floor is extremely comfortable with the advantage of being environmentally friendly. This floor type is available in two categories one is for the exterior and the other is in the interior. Multiple styles and colors are available in this product making it an easy hit among various house owners.
Ventilated facades using ceramic tiles
A new and better way for maximum ventilation facility is using ceramic covering for the exterior. The dry arrangement of the tiles will not allow the building to absorb heat as it naturally does. In winter the space between the tiles traps the ventilated air thus helping the building to retain its warmth.
Stoneware tiles and the new addition
After various improvements on stoneware tiles. New slim thickness ones are developed to give it the similar look with the lighter features. It gives additional support during the installation and can be done without demolishing the previous walls and tiles.
A new concept of tile designs introduced.
A new feature of using tiles for the inner and outer walls have beams somewhat of a featured fashion trend. It's very fashionable among artists and celebs today. Defining a whole new level of shades and patterns, it’s a mesmerizing sight to the eye.
Interlocking tiles found a new place to be used for.
Roads across various states have started to use the interlocking tiles for better road production and management. This is useful for repairing junctions and city roads. The new interlocking tiles are used extensively by the Kerala Government to repair the damaged roads in its territory.
Uncertainty on ceramic future.
Having gone from poetry designs on the ceramic tiles, they have turned up the designs on to science fiction. These new interesting designs have found their way into the tile industry capturing the interests of many of the clients. This move is much appreciated among many of the manufacturers.
Tiles Painted In the Rangoli Art Form of India
Children from Houldsworth valley primary school visited a ceramic tile painting studio Scribbles in Park Lane, on Wednesday where they painted ceramic tiles in the theme of traditional Indian Rangoli art, a colourful folk art form made up of ancient symbol and patterns.
Katrina Kaif as new ambassador for Ceramic Tile Company
Katrina Kaif has been signed as a brand ambassador for H&R Johnson (India), a five decade old pioneer who offers ceramic tiles in India.

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Abc Weather Proof S.R.I(Cool) Coat

These tiles are suitable for roof top / terrace due to ability to reflect solar heat. Solar Reflectance Index is 95.

Abc Weather Proof S.R.I Tiles

These tiles are suitable for roof top / terrace due to ability to reflect solar heat. Solar Reflectance Index is 95.

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These tiles are suitable for roof top / terrace due to ability to reflect solar heat. Solar Reflectance Index is 95.

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