Green House Builders

The speciality of our tiles

AB ceramic tiles is the tile on which you can actually walk bare footed, in the noon during peak sun hours on hot summer climate and so on. It acts as a radiant barrier which provides significant resistance to heat transfer and increases the building comforts which help in reducing the Energy Costs. Our Roofing material plays an important part in house building materials. Our building material includes roof tile, decorative roof and materials, such as the animal decoration on the roofs. Our decorative roofing material is famous for its top quality and bright color. Different colours like yellow, green, red, gray, blue are also available among which yellow and green are widely used in different buildings. Our   Roof tiles are mainly designed to prevent from rain & are traditionally made from special materials such as clay and slate, our concrete has invented a technology and are filed worldwide to make the tile reflect the entire solar heat.