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Frequently Asked Questions

Do not remove the old tiles, use our Smart Tiles and fix tiles with our applicators.

This will save you a lot, environmentally. we have fixed tiles over tiles in so many damaged terraces.


There are many differences. 

Solar Reflection Index for red clay tiles is 20 to 30 only (abc tiles 95).

In the present scenarios of climate change, Cool Roofs are more useful.

Temperature during 1950 s : 31 degree C

Now in 2015                      : 41 deg C

Now we need heat reflective type of tiles. Not heat absorbing type of tiles.




20 mm thick tiles are generally made from white cement,fiber and lime additions.

These white cement based tiles are not tested and certified in any national laboratory for the following tests.

1) Accelerated Weathering Test

2) Resistance to Stain Test

3) Resistance to Salt Spray Test

4) Resistance to Scratch Hardness Test 

5) Design Registartion Certificate etc.

abc Weather Proof S.R.I Tiles are tested and certified in NABL accredited laboratories. 

Any white color or light color is Cool Roof. But the question is how long the whiteness could exist. If any dust accumulates or color changes, how to maintain?

By doing a simple acid wash at any point of time during service life of terrace, abc tiles whiteness can be resotroed, a washed terrace will look like NEW TERRACE.

Acid wash is difficult in white cement tiles. Generally polishing ( to restore whiteness) is done which is not possible due to labor cost.

Bending strength for 20 mm tiles : 50 to 60 kg per sq cm 

abc Tile's Bending strength is > 100 sq cm.





This is ceramic glaze (glass) coat hardened and opcified with zirconium and titanium oxides. Solar heat reflection property will be there till building exists.

Heat reflection power of abc tile is >90. 

Weathered heat reflection power estimated by calculation is 86.

For Cool Roof, a minimum of S.R.I 78 is required as per LEED/ IGBC/ ECBC/ BEE norms.

Ceramic hardened glazes are 100% stain free. Easily washable. Hence heat reflection power will last more than building life.




1;2;10 ratio by volume of cement:lime:sand is suggested. This mortar is as per ASTM C270 standards.



Normally ceramic tiles have tendency to lift away due to heat. abc tiles and fixing systems are designed for a sustainable roof (maintanence free or less).

Maintain necessary slope as per civil work spec. After sloping or gradient is naintained for rain water drain, fix abc tiles by using lime mortar (3/4" to 1").

1) Use 3 mm spacers.

2) add abc plus powder to cement slurry (1 part plus powder 4 part cenment)

3) Fill 3 mm gap by using abc grout and abc nano white @ 250 ml per kg of grout.

4) Soak all tiles in abc nano water for one hour (25 ml nano clear in 200 litre water).

Get detailed tile fixing insrtuctions from our original dealers.




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