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abc Weather Proof S.R.I Tiles is the best solution for Cool Roof due to heat resistant by reflection along with water proof.

Abc Weather Proof S.R.I Cool Coat

These tiles are suitable for roof top / terrace due to ability to reflect solar heat. Solar Reflectance Index is 95.

Abc Weather Proof S.R.I Tiles

These tiles are suitable for roof top / terrace due to ability to reflect solar heat. Solar Reflectance Index is 95.

Hollow Tile + abc Cool Coat

These tiles are suitable for roof top / terrace due to ability to reflect solar heat. Solar Reflectance Index is 95.

Roof Maintenance & Terrace Repairing Services

Our main business is mfr and supply of  ABC weather proof SRI tiles for terraces.

Welcome to abc Weather Proof SRI Tiles

India's First Heat Reflective Tile (SRI Tested)

AB Ceramic Services started by G.Arivazhagan,M.Tech(ceramics). Worked in various ceramic industries since 1983 in India, abroad and finally settled in Morbi, Gujarat since 2002 onwards. Worked as technical consultant in the field of Frit making and Tiles mfg. Finally started a own tiles show room; helped many dealers and mfrs for trading of ceramic tiles. Expertising in selling temperature proof tiles, also manufacturing Roof top tiles best suiting for the terrace that are heat resistant. These moisture resistant Ceramic tiles are conducive in adapting it self in any hot burning climatic conditions in the open terrace.

The concept of roof tile was conceived from many angles and finally decided to outsource in abc brand.Thus new generation terrace floor tiles are now designed by us are adaptable to various temperatures and provide good sustainability in a long run.

Our sister concern Thamizh Ceramics at Jayankondam, Ariyalur district, Tamil Nadu has been selling high quality ceramic roof tiles since 2004. Through Thamizh Ceramics, more than 50000 sq ft of tiles has been sold out including 3000 sq ft to a builder in Chenglepet. All customers are satisfied.

This gave more strength and confidence to go for a exclusive brands. Our dedicated marketing associates are in Chennai, Trichy and other areas.

Ari Bhai Concept:

A properly designed ceramic tile can be used for Heat Proof and Water Proof on the terrace. The life of such tiles are unlimited when they are fixed and maintained properly. Hence helps for a Sustainable cool roof / terrace. Traditional concept and Green Building Material.

abc Digital Cool Colours

(300 x 300) x 9mm
(White: Regular stock, Colours: Subject to availability)
MOHs scratch hardness for abc White : 6
abc Digi Tech Multi Use Tiles : 7 (as good as vitrified tiles)

MOHs value for common materials:
Talc 1 / Gypsum 2/ Fingernail 2 to 2.5 /Copper 3/ Steel Knife blade 5 to 5.5/ Vitrified Tiles 7 to 8 / Diamond 10. abc Tiles fixing system is sustainable and can resist wind with rain up to 150 kmph. This can be confirmed by RILEM TEST METHOD 11.4.

abc Cool Pink
abc Cool Blue
abc Cool White

abc Weather Proof SRI Tiles

These tiles are suitable for roof top / terrace due to ability to reflect solar heat. Solar Reflectance Index is 95. The ceramic tile is 9 mm thickness with >32% open pores. These abc tiles are suitable for Green Buildings targeting IGBC LEED certification. abc Weather Proof SRI Tiles are ECBC compliant.

abc Weather Proof Antiskid Color Tiles

These tiles are 9 mm thickness with different color. The embossed surface is made antiskid effect with different colors. The grooves will remain as glossy for easy cleaning. These tiles are unique antiskid for multipurpose (bath rooms, varenda and landscape areas etc).

abc Weather Proof Gold Print Tiles

These tiles are decorated with gold compounds for beautiful surface quality. They are available in 300 x 300 mm with 9 mm thickness and embossed effect. These tiles are ideally suitable for floor concept, wall concept and elevation. The beautiful aesthetic colors will not fade away and weather proof.

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abc Weather Proof S.R.I Coat

Demand for a sustainable and weather proof white reflective coat is increasing. abc supplies such coating materials with application. abc coat is made by using Titanium Dioxide which is one of the whitest material in the planet earth along with self cleaning property, and the coated material is tested as per IS 101 (Accelerated Weathering Test)

Requirements & Expectations
  • Low installation cost
  • Brand name recognition
  • Low roof maintenances
  • Product warranty
  • Labor warranty
  • Long lasting waterproofing protection
abc Tile Fixing Guidelines

Prepare the roof surface with required slope as per civil work specifications by using suitable materials/methods etc. Rain water outlets are to be specified and slope has to be perfectly maintained. This is to be completed by the client as per Engineer / Architect plan for life time solution.


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