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About ABC Ceramic Services

AB Ceramic Services started by G.Arivazhagan,M.Tech(ceramics).  Worked in various ceramic industries since 1983 in India, abroad and finally settled in Morbi, Gujarat since 2002 onwards.  Worked as technical consultant in the field of Frit making and Tiles mfg.  Finally started a own tiles show room; helped many dealers and mfrs for trading of ceramic tiles.

The concept of roof tile was conceived from many angles and finally decided to outsource in abc brand.

Our sister concern Thamizh Ceramics at Jayankondam, Ariyalur district, Tamil Nadu has been selling high quality ceramic roof tiles since 2004.  Through Thamizh Ceramics, more than 50000 sq ft of tiles has been sold out including 3000 sq ft to a builder in Chenglepet.  All customers are satisfied.

This gave more strength and confident to go for a exclusive brand.

Our dedicated marketing associates are in Chennai, Trichy and other areas.

ABC is a partnership firm started to focus in Chennai (Kolathur, Ch- 99) for better services.

ABC brand's tile established by G.Arivazhagan, M.Tech (ceramic) having more than 30 years experience in ceramic industry.

Since 2005, AB Ceramic Services has been specializing in residential and commercial material distribution and sales. Our notable skill in conceptual design for roof / terrace has earned a reputation as one of the leading terrace tile mfrs / distributors. Our work has been featured in many Commercial and Residential Showcases and industry publications.

Our strength: We are the first company to co-relate S.R.I test for ceramic tiles (Solar Reflectance Index) and further co-related with Cool Roof............Three years weathered S.R.I result remains closer to initial S.R.I value.  This confirms that a good quality heat reflective ceramic tile could provide life time solution to a terrace under normal weather conditions.

We market as abc Weather Proof S.R.I Tile from 2010.

To make a sense to our brand, we suggest tile fixing methods with user friendly water proof systems at various stages at an affordable price. 

Heat reflection assured by S.R.I test + weather proof assured as per IS- 102 + Water proof by using patented nano chemicals = abc Weather Proof S.R.I Tiles is derived. Combinations of several materials and systems can provide a SUSTAINABLE terrace. Never could be a solution by single material / system!!

After ABC success, today, there are many mfrs / traders   from Proprietor firm to Corporate are in the ceramic tile cool roof market. Even ABC tile design is pirated and very fortunately ABC design is registered in the office of Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trademarks' under The Designs Act 2000. Design No. 252175 and each tile is engraved with this number to identify original.

Read caution notice for details.

Locally owned and operated, ABC Tiles has always had an affinity for elements of terrace design and aesthetics, primarily to meet out weather functions. White and mild pink colors are available to create aesthetics.

We choose chemicals from the most reputed mfrs; one of them is patented Nano technology which is an Indian make and exporting to more than 30 countries.

Most of the civil engineers / architect know only foreign collaborated mfrs. by default for water proofing. The best materials mfd. in India is least recommended / preferred.

99% of the civil engineers / architect, we met since last five years, asked one common question: Ceramic tiles will be lifted or detached from cement mortar in due course of time due to heat.

Yes, their experience is correct and this is the reason we suggest certain additives during tile fixing. And moreover, heat reflective tile will function as Cool Roof. Heat ingress will be drastically reduced and mortar below the tile will be intact. Again to be on safer side, we suggest hydrated lime combination mortar to fix tiles. Hydrated lime does not require any introduction for its properties, one of the oldest building materials!!

An ability to collaborate with architects, designers, contractors and individual clients has earned us a well deserved reputation as true professionals in the industry.

Sales through abc web site is very much positive and encouraging. Readers are kindly requested to share with others. Support for a genuine product. 

Also please read FAQ.

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Our Products

Abc Weather Proof S.R.I(Cool) Coat

These tiles are suitable for roof top / terrace due to ability to reflect solar heat. Solar Reflectance Index is 95.

Abc Weather Proof S.R.I Tiles

These tiles are suitable for roof top / terrace due to ability to reflect solar heat. Solar Reflectance Index is 95.

Hollow Tile + abc Cool Coat

These tiles are suitable for roof top / terrace due to ability to reflect solar heat. Solar Reflectance Index is 95.

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