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About Our Ceramic tiles

Our Ceramic tiles play an important part of home improvement. It impacts a huge difference in interior and outdoor feel and look. AB Ceramic industries bring you a wide range of tiles with international standard quality. We always intend to provide our customers innovative products with excellent quality. Wet clay are fashioned into shapes with the help of a wooden mold, and then left to dry in the sun. The majority of ceramic tiles made today go through a process known ...

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The manufacturing methods of our tiles

Our product is manufactured to last lifetime with a thoughtful balance of new patented technology and unique manufacturing process. The product is environmentally and commercially successful which is suitable for a wide range of projects in hot climatic conditions on multiple substrates which goes far beyond industry standards. We have example after example of proven performance, Moreover our tiles are proven to reduce building cooling cost, saving your money helping to protect from the pol...

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About our designs

Our heat proof tiles are made with naturally occurring substances which can be recycled. Sustainably designed buildings are the way we seek to reduce greenhouse gas emissions which is harmful to our environment as well as cut the cost of our homes.  AB ceramic roof tiles can play a key role in sustainable designs. The best way to illustrate is to think of our tiles as energy savers. Our tiles thermal mass helps to reduce energy dependency. Heating and cooling is the largest energy component...

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The speciality of our tiles

AB ceramic tiles is the tile on which you can actually walk bare footed, in the noon during peak sun hours on hot summer climate and so on. It acts as a radiant barrier which provides significant resistance to heat transfer and increases the building comforts which help in reducing the Energy Costs. Our Roofing material plays an important part in house building materials. Our building material includes roof tile, decorative roof and materials, such as the animal decoration on the roofs. Our...

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Why AB ceramics?

We never compromises on the quality, therefore we serve the society to the utmost level of quality. The roof tiles we provide are eco-friendly which lasts long and are fire resistant and water proof tiles. Our products and services are transparent and clear with affordable rates .As one of the upcoming leading roofing systems, we operate both clay and concrete factories. In India, we have selected modernity and performance Coloroof for its traditional profile and high quality. If you would like ...

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AB Ceramic as an Outstanding Exporter

Unique Coats, is brand of AB Ceramic Exporters, for architectural coatings, green building products, protective coating, and construction chemicals. We being one of the leading tiles manufacturers have established many strategic business units, which are engaged in trading and branding of the industrial range. We have introduced an advanced range of products consistently practicing integrity, unity, understanding, and excellence with which we have embarked on a goal of a...

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AB Ceramics Cool Roof SRI Tiles

AB Ceramics Cool Roof SRI TilesAB Ceramic has launched Cool Roof SRI (Solar Reflective Index) tiles which are meant to maintain the harmful rays of the sun off the building and return them back into the atmosphere, keeping the place cool, and help to reduce the load on ACs and coolers. They claim to reduce surface temperature by 10-20 degrees Celsius. We offer tiles in matte finish which makes them anti-skid, and can be used in areas such as building roofs, terraces and balconies. These High SRI tile open ...

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About our team

About our teamAB Ceramics has increased their manufacturing industries in their non-slip roof tiles and Heat Proof Ceramic Tiles creating good presence and product launch. Our team aims to build a positive approach in the society and create a change to make a strong impact. Seeing the success of the social media campaign, we aim to create this as an annual property and keep on creating awareness around the real-time challenges in the society. AB Ceramics, a leading hi-tech manufacturer of ...

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About our Non Slip Roof Tiles, Water Proof Tiles and Sun Roof Tiles:

About our Non Slip Roof Tiles, Water Proof Tiles and Sun Roof Tiles:Non Slip roof tiles have to be in high durability and cost effective price considering the market competition. Water proof tiles and sun roof tiles are the most popular product when it comes to selection of tiles in homes. The specialty of the tiles is that it is easy to clean and do not absorb odours, nor do they provide a place for allergens to develop, making them safe and addition to your house. Before introducing any design or style, AB Ceramics does an extensive researc...

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AB Ceramic as a Leading Tile Manufacturer

AB Ceramic as a Leading Tile ManufacturerAB Ceramic being one of the leading tile manufacturers in India is known for its innovation in tile industry. AB ceramics have revealed their wide range of trace tiles. The entire collection of Wheather Proof tiles and Roof tiles suits perfectly for any type of bathroom design. Nowadays a frequent development and research in ceramic industry is pushing all the leading to come up with the new designs and patterns just to ensure the requirement of the customers. In the present ...

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Weather Proof and Water Proof Tile Manufacturers

Weather proof tile manufacturers have carved a formidable position for themselves in the domain by supplying an excellent range of Weather Proof Tiles. They are widely used in various commercial buildings, farm houses and storing facility. These tiles radiate 95% of the heat and reduce the room temperature. Owing to its easy installation, low maintenance and heat insulation, the company is gaining appreciation over the global platform. Furthermore, clients can avail thes...

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Advantages of a Cool Roof

Advantages of a Cool RoofAn ideal cool roof strongly reflects sunlight. The surface of an ideal cool roof efficiently cool itself by emitting thermal radiation. Therefore, a cool roof should have both high solar reflectance and thermal emittance which is known as radiative property as they have the ability to reflect solar radiation and emit thermal radiation. There are a variety of roofing technologies that can reduce the flow of heat into a building. Cool roofs achieve cooling energy in hot su...

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How to maintain a ceramic floor

How to maintain a ceramic floorCeramic Industries have discovered that some of the most reliable surfaces for residential and commercial spaces are widely spread using a ceramic tile. While they are easy to maintain and do not have many properties, regular maintenance will help them to retain their original strength and beauty. A huge advantage of a ceramic tile installation is that it is delightfully and highly easy to maintain. One can just use a broom or a damp mop with a bit of mild soap to get ri...

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Are you planning to construct or renovate your kitchen

If you’re planning to renovate your kitchen or constructing a new house.What are your plans about the flooring? It should look lovely and attractive moreover, it should last for years with low maintenance. Additionally, it should be of a low cost within our budget. Some people discover the surface of the tiled kitchen floor to be uncomfortable due to backache, leg pain after they’ve spent a long time in the kitchen standing for hours. This problem can be solved by...

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Abc Weather Proof S.R.I(Cool) Coat

These tiles are suitable for roof top / terrace due to ability to reflect solar heat. Solar Reflectance Index is 95.

Abc Weather Proof S.R.I Tiles

These tiles are suitable for roof top / terrace due to ability to reflect solar heat. Solar Reflectance Index is 95.

Hollow Tile + abc Cool Coat

These tiles are suitable for roof top / terrace due to ability to reflect solar heat. Solar Reflectance Index is 95.

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