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Weathering course tiles laying procedure

ABC weathering course Tile

  • Low installation cost
  • Brand name recognition
  • Low roof maintenances
  • Product warranty
  • Labor warranty
  • Long lasting waterproofing protection
  • No chipping, no cracking, no flaking.
  • Stain free and better scratch resistance
  • Attractive and clean finish
  • Anti slippery during wet conditions
  • Energy saving radiant barrier
  • Reduced heat transfer
  • Protection against UV degradations
  • Roof structural integrity
  • Corrosion control in sea shore area
  • Environmentally friendly product
  • Economical solutions
  • Long life cycle

What will you do

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Abc Weather Proof SRI Tiles fixing method on Terrace Slab

  • Prepare the roof surface with required slope as per civil work specifications by using suitable materials/methods etc. Rain water outlets are to be specified and slope has to be perfectly maintained. This is to be completed by the client as per Engineer / Architect plan for life time solution. abc company has no role till this stage. abc Tile fixing will be done only on the well prepared sloped roof surface. Roof area must be neat and clean. No other work should take place during tile fixing.
  • Materials required to fix abc Weather Proof S.R.I Tiles abc Weather Proof SRI Tiles, abc Plus powder, abc grout, abc Nano Clear, abc Nano White, PPF Fiber, abc Spacers, abc Weather Proof Whitener etc.
  • Use 15:1 sand: cement mortar to fix abc Tiles with already specified slope.
  • Soak tiles in to nano water (100 ml abc nano liquid in 150 liter clean water) for 25 to 30 minutes and remove defective tiles, if found. Whatever the damage, must be recorded.
  • Prepare cement slurry (20 liters) as below: Add 200 to 250 ml abc nano white & add one pack (25 gm) PPF in clean water & wait for 15 minutes: Mix Ultratech cement (or equivalent) and abc plus powder @ 3:1 ratio. Mix well and adjust water to the required level.
  • Fix abc tile on 15:1 mortar by using cement slurry and use 3 mm spacer between tiles. Ensure that each tile is fixed firmly in wet condition. Do not walk over the tile for 24 hours.
  • 4 inch skirting has to be given in all sides in slanting position.
  • Wash the tiles surface and inspect for proper fitting of each tile. Apply abc grout paste in 3 mm gap. Prepare grout with abc nano white @ 100 ml for every kg of abc grout and add required qty. of clean ppf mixed water (Mix 4 gm PPF fiber).
  • After 24 hours of grouting, give a top coat over the grout by using abc Nano Clear (100 ml in 2 liters of clean water). Consume within 24 hours. During final inspection, if any micro hairline appears here and there, give a touch up by using abc Weather Proof Whitener.
  • Final washing of entire area will be charged extra. Make sure that water proofing is done above skirting i.e on parapet wall etc by painting contractor. Extra charges if abc layer does this job.

9 Steps of ABC weathering course tile fixing

Step 1

STEP I abc NANO WATER 100 ml in 100 liter)

Step 2

STEP II SOAKING TILES IN NANO WATER FOR 30 minutes This is to make each tile as water proof conf

Step 3

STEP III Mortar Cement Sand1;15) or Cement; sand ;Pure Lime(1 ;12 ;3)

Step 4

STEP IV abc WATER PROOF CEMENT SLURRYAdmixtures added) This will help, in case of rain, during

Step 5


Step 6

STEP VI abc COMPOSITE GROUT MIXING & FILLING 3 mm GAP) 2 to 3 gm PPF for 1 kg grout Mix well and ap

Step 7

STEP VIII Nano Clear 100 ml Mix in 2 litre water This is to water proof the grout

Step 8

STEP VIII WATER PROOFING THE GROUTTop Coat by sponge) Apply nano clear water by using a piece of

Step 9

STEP IX WATER PROOFING SIDE WALLS & similar areas abc tile and grout water proofed as per Ril