Green House Builders


Mr. Arivazhagan (Ari Bhai)

Mr. G.Arivazhgan has completed his masters in technology in ceramic engineering from Anna University Chennai and has further qualifications from the Indian Institute of Ceramics Kolkata. With over 35 years of experience, he has developed a unique and patented product that serves the purpose of cool roof, as well as being completely waterproof effectively.

Further, the tiles are a certified green product and Mr. Arivazhgan pioneered the concept of cool roofs in India, which has off-late been replicated by many corporates. Initially in 2003, he started implementing ceramic cool roofs on an experimental basis in his own home. By innovating continuously, he has been able to enlarge the application footprint to cover ceramic cool roofs, cool roof coating solutions and weather proof coatings for building exteriors.

Having worked all over India in different capacities before starting his own company, Mr. Arivazhgan brings excellent product knowledge, business acumen and quality insight at every step.

Mrs. Tamizh Arasi Arivazhagan

Mrs Tamizh Arasi Arivazhagan is an engineering graduate who takes care of the HR and admin needs of the company. With an eye for detail and rigorous industry knowledge, she is able to ensure that talent is recognized at all levels to fast-track company growth.

Ms. Manjari

Ms. Manjari is an architect by background and she takes care of the day to day operations of the company. With a sense of technical perfection and finesse, she ensures that every project undertaken achieves customer delight and exceeds the expectations set at every step.