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ABC Nano White

This product helps in better adhesion and delivers a sparkling whiteness.

  • Mix ABC Nano Clear 100 ml and Nano White 200 ml in 100 l of water and soak the tiles before fixing.
  • While preparing grout, add 1 l of ABC Nano White to 6 kg of grout, add water to make a uniform paste and apply evenly to all joints.

ABC Plus Powder for Cement Slurry

This helps with water proofing and ensures that whiteness is retained in the filling area between the tiles.

  • When making cement slurry for tile fixing, add ABC Plus Powder in the measure of 10% the weight of the cement to create an efficient slurry.
  • For filling the 3 mm space between the tiles, mix the proprietary ABC plus powder with white cement in a 1:1 ratio, make a paste by adding water and apply in the gap.

ABC Bond

ABC bond is an innovative product. Simply apply this on the backside of the tile and fix on the mortar. For old terraces and floors, apply by brush or spray and just fix the table.

ABC Mortar

ABC Mortar is ASTM C 270 certified.

Apply 15–20 mm and spread well over the bond-coated floor for best results before tile fixing.

ABC Grout

The ABC Grout is a ready mixture of ABC Plus Powder and Birla white cement that can be easily mixed with water to prepare a grout paste for application. Just mix 6 kg of the ABC Grout powder in one litre Nano white and Water mixture to make a paste for waterproof grout application.

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