Green House Builders

Vision & Mission


  • To continue pioneering the concept of sustainable terraces by providing ceramic cool roof tiles and fixing methodology at par with ECBC-IGBC guidelines.
  • To help create a better planet with a reduced carbon footprint by promoting the concept of cool roofs in new projects and existing homes and establishments.


To achieve our vision, we have a relentless mission focussing on

  • Supplying S.R.I Tiles that are high in reflectivity and durable in quality. 
  • Supplying bonding and water proofing materials that are enduring and match our tile quality in durability.
  • Supplying suitable mortar compatible with M sand to fix S.R.I Tiles.
  • Incorporating high quality lime as one of the ingredients wherever possible in the system.Lime gains strength in due course of time which will help for a sustainable terrace. 
  • Training site engineers, supervisors and tile layers on how to use various materials to fix tiles effectively and achieve maximum benefit.
  • Providing excellent service after sales.