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My terrace is severely damaged. The existing red clay tiles are damaged in many places. How to rectify this situation?

In the case of the above situation, there is no need to remove the old ties. Installation of our S.R.I tiles with ABC bond will not only save your terrace, but also make it waterproof. Further, the cool roof will also deliver a positive environmental impact and ensure reduced electricity consumption.

We have successfully completed over 50 such projects. Some examples can be found in our gallery sections.

What is the difference between Red Clay Pressed tiles and ABC Cool Roof Tiles?

Solar Reflection Index (S.R.I) for red clay tiles is 20 to 30 only. For ABC cool roof tiles, the index is 95. Higher the S.R.I, the greater is the heat reflected. This will be reduced electricity consumption and a positive environmental impact.

Further, upon installation, AB Ceramic offers lifetime installation warranty of our S.R.I tiles. The patented design and proprietary application will mean that we deliver higher value for money and a better solution than red clay pressed tile at every step.

What is the difference between 20 mm thick white tiles and ABC Cool Roof tiles?

20 mm thick tiles are generally made from white cement, fibre and lime additions.

These white cement based tiles are not tested and certified in any national laboratory for the following tests.

  • Accelerated Weathering Test
  • Resistance to Stain Test
  • Resistance to Salt Spray Test
  • Resistance to Scratch Hardness Test 
  • Design Registration Certificate etc.

ABC Weather Proof S.R.I Tiles are tested and certified in NABL accredited laboratories for all of the above parameters. Further, maintenance is also very easy and simple.

By doing a simple acid wash at any point of time during service life of terrace, the prior whiteness of ABC tiles whiteness can be achieved. An acid-washed terrace will look like a new terrace. However, this cannot be assured in the case of cement tiles and polishing involves high labour cost..

Bending strength for 20 mm tiles : 50 to 60 kg per sq cm 

The bending strength for ABC tiles is > 100 sq cm.