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How long the heat reflection power will last?

ABC ceramic glaze (glass) coat hardened tiles are opcified with zirconium and titanium oxides. Solar heat reflection property will be there till the lifetime of the building.

Heat reflection power of ABC tiles in Solar reflectivity index (S.R.I) terms is >90. 

Weathered heat reflection power estimated by calculation is 86.

For Cool Roof, a minimum S.R.I of 78 is required as per LEED/ IGBC/ ECBC/ BEE norms.

Ceramic hardened glazes are 100% stain free and easily washable.

Why lime mortar is suggested to fix ABC Weather Proof S.R.I Tiles?

Lime mortar has been used since ancient times in building construction and offers excellent adhesion, flexibility to withstand weathering and water resistance. 1:2:10 ratio by volume of cement:lime:sand is suggested for best results. This mortar is as per ASTM C270 standards.