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abc Tile Fixing Guidelines

Work Instructions

  • Maintain necessary slope as per civil work specification or preferably follow ECBC norms.
    Note: abc company has no role in site preparation and sloping work.
  • Materials required:  abc Weather Proof SRI Tiles, abc Plus powder, abc grout, abc Nano Clear, abc
    Nano White,  abc 3 mm Spacers, abc Weather Proof Whitener etc.  (Seven items).
  • Tile Fixing Mortar: 1: 2: 5 (cement: sand:: lime) or suitable combination. Half to one inch mortar thickness on sloped terrace is sufficient.
  • Soak abc Tiles in to nano water for minimum 1hr. (25 ml abc nano clear in 100 liter clean water).
    Consume this water with in 24 hrs. time. Remove defective tiles, if found any.
  • Prepare cement slurry as below:
    1:3 (abc plus powder: Ultratech or equivalent): Mix well with clean water to the required level.
  • Fix abc tiles by using abc cement slurry and use 3 mm spacer between tiles. Ensure that each tile is fixed firmly by scribbling slurry & mortar; excess cement slurry must come out from all four sides of each tile. Do not walk over the tile for 24 hours. Break joint is ideal towards water flow side.
  • 6 or 4 inch skirting has to be fixed in all sides in slanting / vertical position.
  • Next day, wash the tiled area and inspect for proper fixing of each tile. Apply abc grout paste in 3 mm gap. Mixing: Add ~300 ml abc nano White for one kg abc Grout and required clean water. Apply the grout paste slowly, firmly and perfectly. Clean the excess paste quickly.
  • During final inspection, if any micro hairline appears which is normally due to handling or pre mature walking etc, here and there, give a touch up by using abc Weather Proof Whitener after scribbling with emery paper.
  • Sample area: If new tile fixers (layer) are engaged, ask them to fix tiles in 5% of the area. Tiles shall be collected from various boxes randomly. If satisfied, proceed in all areas.
    Abc company is not responsible after fixing the tiles. Our system conforms to ECBC norms.
Disclaimer: The above work instructions are based on our practical experience and given in good faith. Final result depends on following of instructions and end user's analytical skill. Site conditions and workmanship are beyond abc company control. Our responsibility is to supply as per sample/specimen shown. These work instructions are only guidelines.
These tile fixing guidelines camels all previous guidelines. (25/7/2014)