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Global Warming and Cool Roof Impact

Global warming is pertinent problem and rising global temperatures have caused extreme effects including

  • Rising sea levels especially due to melting of polar ice caps.
  • The rising sea levels consequently cause submerging of coastal areas and even entire islands.
  • Climate change due to changing monsoon patterns.
  • Increase in the strength of destructive weather patterns like wild fires, hurricanes and severe droughts.
  • Increased pressure on ground water in all areas, due to changing monsoon patterns.
  • Disruption to food supply, due to all of the above reasons.

One of the main culprits to global warming is emissions. With cool roofs, there are two positive impacts

  • Reduced utility bills
  • Reduced urban heat effect

When both of the above happen, the overall impact on global warming is considerably reduced.

ABC cool roof tiles are patented design products which deliver a positive environmental impact, are certified green products and deliver an additional advantage of excellent waterproofing upon correct installation.