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White Roof to Reduce Global Warming

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Why we should be scared, very scared, of global warming?

Science says that the average temperature on earth has been rising rapidly. And it says this is the result of growing concentrations of 'greenhouse gases' that are emitted whenever any fuel is burnt to produce energy. Science also says that if something is not done immediately to stop the increase in the concentrations of these gases, there will be catastrophic consequences in the next few decades. Glaciers will melt, sea levels will rise, low-lying areas will be submerged, crops will be damaged, extreme weather events like cyclones and storms will become more frequent. In short, the world will become a difficult place to live in and millions of people may lose their lives.

In the USA, California is the first state to enforce building codes. A committee was formed and 344 pages for building codes were recommended. One of the foremost codes was white roof to save energy. They are doing white coating of several combinations / materials.

What is a Cool Roof or white roof?

A cool roof is a roof which is designed to stay cool in hot weather, rather than absorbing heat and growing warmer as the day progresses. White roofs are useful for a number of reasons, ranging from building efficiency to durability, and they are especially common in tropical and subtropical areas, along with desert regions. Residents of temperate climates can also benefit from using white roof tiles in building construction.

White cools the roof, then what are the benefits?

Some benefits of Cool Roofs:

  • Save on annual electricity bills by reducing summer air conditioning costs.
  • Save peak electricity demand costs if you have time-of-use metering.
  • Reduce roof maintenance and replacement expenses by extending roof life.
  • Increase indoor comfort in summer by reduction of infrared conversion from visible light.
  • Reduce the "heat island effect" in cities and suburbs.

Helps builders and building managers meet California's building code in USA and IGBC LEED credits in India.

How much carbon di oxide emission can be prevented by white roofs or cool roofs?

The scientist Mr. Chu calls his hero, Art Rosenfeld, a member of the California Energy Commissionwho has been campaigning for cool roofs since the 1980s, argues that turning all of the world's roofs "light" (white or light colour) over the next 20 years could save the equivalent of 24 billion metric tons in carbon dioxide emissions.

Where ABC weatherproof tiles were used in real?

In our retail show room at Jayankondam, we sold near over 50000 sq ft since five years under Thamizh Ceramics name. All customers are satisfied those who took our advice during tiles laying. We are proud to convey that we helped to set off 500 ton carbon di oxide emission every year.

Recently 15000 sq ft ABC weather proof S R I tiles are supplied and laid in Chennai. Ref: ABC Weatherproof S R I Tile dealer 86950 35566.

A 15000 sq ft of white roof can set off 150 ton Carbon di oxide every year.

Which brand of weather proof tile is good and why?

ABC Weather Proof Tiles is the best option. There is no any other specific and exclusive brand in this sector.


White glaze is on wall tile red body with 90% whiteness. The glaze coat contains 9% zirconium oxide. This is one of the excellent ingredients to achieve whiteness as well as for long life of the tiles when subjected to different weather conditions on RCC roof top / terrace.

Solar Reflectance Index is 95. That is 95% of the sun's heat will go back to the atmosphere.

High scratch resistance (5 + on Moh's scale) which is higher than normal floor tiles. Sufficient mechanical strength is confirmed (>150 kg/square centimetre).

Micro cracks over the tile surface will never appear in ABC Weather Proof Tiles.

Less weight when compared with conventional dark colour roofing system.

Tile base body contains 32% open pores and tile's back side is provided with deep grooves for better bonding with bed material. Open pores are insulation.

Tile top surface is embossed for better grippes.

The best qualities of raw materials are used to maintain consistency of ABC tiles.

ABC tiles are identified by USGBC LEED AP for Green Certified Buildings. Also ABC tiles are ECBC complied.

A well known thumb rule fact:

White surface is 100% heat reflection; black surface is 100% heat absorption.

How effective is the white roof in terms of temperature reduction (surface temperature)?

  • Roof before treatment, thermometer reads 178-degree Fahrenheit at the roof surface on a hot summer afternoon. (Conventional dark colour roof).
  • After a cool roof was installed, there was a dramatic decrease 93-degree Fahrenheit (White tile etc).

How carbon credit is calculated and what is the rate?

Most existing flat roofs are dark and reflect only 10 to 20% of sunlight. Re-surfacing the roof with a white material that has a long-term solar reflectance of 0.60 or more increases its solar reflectance by at least 0.40. Akbari et al. estimate that so retrofitting 100 m2 (1000 ft2) of roof offsets 10 tonnes of CO2 emission per year. (For comparison purposes, we point out that a typical US house emits about 10 tonnes of CO2 per year).

Emitted CO2 is currently traded in Europe at about $25/tonne, making this 10-tonne offset worth $ 250.

Obama says paint your roof white to save energy

The Examiner 2009-05-27

LONDON (AFP) (AFP) - US Energy Secretary Steven Chu said Tuesday the Obama administration wanted to paint roofs an energy-reflecting white, as he...