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Cool roof and its Advantages

What is a cool roof?

This is one of the most pertinent questions to be answered before we dwell on the advantages of the same.

A cool roof is a concept that helps to reduce the heat absorbed by a building from sunlight. Heat and light from the sun is received in various wavelengths. If the heat is reflected properly, then the building will not absorb the heat and cause discomfort to the occupants.  When installed correctly, cool roofs can reduce the urban island heat effect, provide water proofing and enhance roof durability.

The main advantages of having cool roofs (reflective roofs) are

1) Reduced utility bills

Since heat from the sun is reflected, the heat absorbed by the building is less. This means that the need for air conditioning is less. Thus, there is tangible savings in utility bills.

2) Reduced urban island heat effect

The urban island heat effect refers to the concept where there is a lack of moisture in an area due to lack of vegetation and heavy urbanization. Temperatures can go up by as much as 50 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit more than the actual air. This is reduced by having a reflective roof.

3) Enhanced roof life

It is a known fact that continuous exposure to heat will cause deterioration of materials. Roofs are no exception. By having a reflective roof, heat absorption is reduced and roof life is considerably enhanced.

4) Positive environmental impact

Reduced utility bills and reduced island heat effect will mean that the overall carbon footprint is reduced.

5) Waterproofing

Cool roofs when correctly installed, especially SRI cool roofs offer excellent waterproofing and this is an added advantage.