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Comparative Chart - ABC Weather Proof Terrace Tiles price

Find cool roof tiles price and comparative chart for ABC terrace tiles and terrace clay tiles, get exact quote for cooling tiles for terrace price - ₹ 75 to 90.

abc Cool Coat Vs abc Cool Tile - terrace tiles price

Comparative chart for ABC weatherproof tiles and terrace clay tiles, find the advantages of ABC cooling tiles for terrace price , waterproof / heat resistant ABC terrace tiles price

₹ 75 to 90 - ABC terrace tiles price

Cooling tiles for terrace price ₹ 75 to 90

Pressed Clay Tiles vs ABC Weather Proof Terrace Tiles

Parameters Pressed Tiles abc Tiles (Cool Roof)
Type Red Clay. No glaze coat. Ceramic base with improved glaze coat.
Appearance Red to brown White or any light shades.
Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) 20 to 30 90
Weight, kg/m2 43 13.50
Raw materials Presently not available in Kerala No shortage in Gujarat & Rajasthan
Bending Strength, kg/cm2 75 > 100
Unfired Tiles About 5% or more
Difficult to remove at site
00% Nil
Method of Fixing Needs more sloping to drain rain water.
Surface temperature reaches to 65 to 70 deg C.
Hence need more weathering course materials.
Needs less sloping due to smooth surface. Surface temperature reaches to 40 to 45 deg C.
Hence less material to maintain slope. Tile can be fixed on ¾ to 1” lime mortar. Lime act as a binder and good heat insulator.
Tiles shall be fixed in near - dry conditions. Excess water below the tiles, if any, could evaporate through downward movements.
Cleaning with acid Not possible At any point of time, a simple acid wash is sufficient to make like a new terrace. Abc grout and tiles are acid resistant.
During Service Life Fungus formation, plant and vegetation growths commonly seen
Unburnt tiles gets eroded and water easily enters
Reduces roof span life
No fungus No erosion is possible on glaze Increases roof span life
Tile Warranty Not confirmed Building life time.
Delivery up to (10 lac sq ft) Not possible to supply in one brand. Delivery of same batch in 60 days easily possible.
Green Building concept Not possible Possible

Max temperature during 1951
As old as 100 years. 31 deg C Cool Roof concept is very recent
Now a days : 41 deg C
Remark In the present scenario of climatic conditions, Cool Roof becomes a necessity.
Cost Analysis Generally a Cool Roof cost 10 to 15 % more. Materials used for gradient & weathering course can be greatly reduced. Increase in 15% can be compensated.
Tiles Cost per sq ft Rs 35/ Rs 41/

Considering warranty, service life and Green Building material concept of abc Cool Roof Tiles, cost increase is negligible.

White cement Tiles Vs abc Tiles

Parameters White Cement Tiles abc® Tiles Spec

Weight 4 kg/ft2 (43 kg/m2 ) 1.4 kg/ft2 (15 kg/m2)
Tile Thickness 20 MM 9.10 mm
Modulus of Rupture 53 kg/cm2 > 100 kg/cm2
Moh’ s Scratch Hardness Easily scratch- able 6 to 7 (as good as vitrified)
Stain Free Not stain free 100% stain free
Type White Cement Bounded/Multi-Layered Ceramic base with improved glaze coat.
Appearance White White or any light shades.
Method of Fixing Just like any mosaic tiles Like ceramic tile. Change bed mortar as per R value.
Tile Sizes 300mm × 300mm 300 mm x 300 mm
250 mm x 250 mm
Water Absorption 7.5% 7 – 12%
Solar Reflectance Index 90 95
Polishing Some brand needs polishing Polishing never required
Surface Temperature 48 deg C Max. 45deg C
During service life Prone to staining Never staining

Abc tile fixing system is designed with water proofing at various stages and lime mortar is suggested to get more R value. Terrace will be very safe with respect to any kind of weather because ceramic tiles are processed at 1200 deg C against white cement tiles which are not processed at high temperature.

White cement tiles appears to be strong but weaker than ceramic tiles.

abc Cool Coat Vs abc Cool Tile

Sl No Parameters abc Weather Proof S.R.I Coat (White Cool Coat) abc Weather Proof S.R.I Tiles
1) COST / Sq ft
Material + Installation
Rs 25 to 35 for pressed clay tile terraces Rs 75 to 90
2) Where to use Very old building & structures
Good choice where additional floor is to be raised
New buildings / Old buildings
3) Expected life 5 years 50 years
4) Water Proofing Yes Yes
5) Materials used White minerals and Titanium mixed with acrylic polymer Glazed ceramic tiles enriched with Titanium and Zirconium
6) Weathering course (R 2.1 / 3.5) Exclusively required as per ECBC norms. Required as per ECBC norms.
Integrated with tile fixing system also.
7) Solar Heat Reflection >90% >90%
8) Scratch - ability Less resistance Excellent as good as vitrified tiles
9) Accelerated Weathering Test (IS 101) Passed Passed
10) Cool Roof Norms Satisfied Satisfied
11) Maintenance tips (any cool roof could be effective as long as whiteness is maintained) Once in a few years, top coat (IV th coat) can be applied to restore whiteness. Normal washing is sufficient to restore original surface. Check grouting points for any damage.